Better Way “Mistine” was certified as number one cosmetic company in Thailand. We bring nearly 10,000 quality cosmetic products in all categories at reasonable price. Our partners can continue to purchase any main collection in a big volume or variety of items which may leads to initiate business succession.

Just like the name of the company, “Better Way”, Mistine is committed to deliver a better way of offering better products and better promotions to our distributors.

Mistine products have enhanced the beauty for women around the world, are the results of our research and development Institute which creates a wider range of highest quality products through innovations and cosmetic standard guarantee. In addition, we also provide cosmetic certifications to support import process for our partners.

Better Way has recently spent over 1,500 million baht for a new state-of-the-art distribution center which consider being one of the most advance technological systems in South East Asia to support our global expansion.

Mistine International Department with more than 20 years’ experience in exporting cosmetic products can ensures the quick and accurate completion for supporting deliveries around the world.

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